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Mis/disinformation in Pakistan's media landscape

Mis/disinformation in Pakistan’s media landscape

What is fake news? Is the state worried about social media? How is media transforming to keep up an information influx? Join Ramsha Jahangir, Nighat Dad and Matiullah Jan, with host Usama Khilji, as they discuss disinformation trends and narrative-building in Pakistan.

IHC strikes down PECA Ordinance

In another landmark verdict, the Islamabad High Court on Friday declared the controversial Prevention of Electronic Crimes (Amendment) Ordinance as unconstitutional.
Rights Watch

Rights Watch | 6th January 2022

The FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing on Wednesday announced the arrest of suspects Adnan Ali and Fazal Dad for stalking, filming and blackmailing at least 14 Karachi University students

Rights Watch | 7th September 2021

Police have apprehended a suspect for raping a young girl and her brother, filming the assaults and using the videos to blackmail them into letting him further molest them for six years.
Human Rights Watch slams move to curb press freedom with PMDA

Human Rights Watch slams move to curb press freedom with PMDA

As the Human Rights Watch denounces the proposed PMDA as a move to curb freedom of expression, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry made it clear that the government will not budge on clauses regarding "fake news" and the rights of journalists
Dissidents being targeted by Pakistani institutions nothing new

“Being targeted by Pakistani institutions nothing new”

"We have been officially informed by these governments that we are under threat," says Waqass
Zubair Mujahid

Report demands probe in journalists murder: involvement of MQM, Mirpurkhas police suspected

Press freedom watchdogs have called upon the authorities to explore the suspected involvement of Mirpurkhas police and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in the 2007 murder of journalist Zubair Mujahid

Lawyers convention resolves to resist attacks on media and judiciary

The All Pakistan Lawyers Convention on Assault on Judiciary and Media was held on Thursday under the auspices of the SCBA in partnership with the PBC, the HRCP, the PFUJ, AGHS and SAFMA. The convention unanimously resolved to resist persistent attacks on the media and the judiciary by a hybrid authoritarian regime and its above-the-law perpetrators.

Rights Watch | 2nd June 2021

Islampura police have registered a case against a 24-year-old man for allegedly abducting a toddler on her way to a neighbour's house for Quran lessons and raping her. The three-year-old was later dumped on a street, but was found and taken to a hospital for treatment. The suspect is currently at large. For more stories on human rights abuses and concerns, keep reading.

Asad Toor attack: Journalists hold demonstrations, call for arrest of assailants

Journalists, civil rights organizations and political activists on the call of the PFUJ held demonstrations in major cities today to condemn the attack on journalist Asad Toor, terming the incident an attack on free speech and press.