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UN experts urge action on forced conversions, child marriages

UN experts have expressed alarm at the reported rise in abductions, forced marriages and conversions of underage girls and young women from religious minorities in Pakistan and called for immediate efforts to curtail the practices and ensure justice for victims.

Voicepk.net impact: giving a voice to marginalized communities

Voicepk.net is a platform that aims to raise awareness about rights violations and give a voice to marginalized communities by bringing their concerns to the attention of the authorities and the national discourse. We take a look back to some of our stories from 2022 that have had an impact and helped victims get access to justice.

Enact protection bill for minorities, demands civil society from PM

The Joint Action Committee for People’s Rights (JAC) - around 37 human rights groups - have also drafted an open letter urging the Prime Minister to take legal as well as administrative measures to protect minorities 

IN FOCUS: Forced conversions and willful marriages

October 25th, 2020; By Asra Haque; LAHORE; Why are Forced Conversions a problem exclusive to minority communities? Why are girls mainly victims of this phenomenon? Watch our special IN FOCUS on Forced Conversions and wilful marriages with Senator Anwar Kakar, Sulaima Jahangir and Kapil Dev

‘Parliamentary committee must examine forced conversions situation in Punjab’

According to evidence the CSJ and PCMR has released a list where out of 74 reported cases of alleged forced conversions and abductions, 55 of them were minor girls from the Christian community, 18 girls were from Hindu and one from the Kalash community.

Is Pakistan Serious about Forced Conversions?

Of late, the State seems to be genuinely interested in fostering a safer and more conducive environment for Pakistan’s religious minorities. Their concerns have long remained unaddressed and unresolved so ...