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Rights Watch | 16th March 2022

Police on Tuesday arrested a man for bludgeoning his sister-in-law and her three minor children to death over a property dispute in a village in Kharian tehsil.

Rights Watch | 17th April 2021

One Muhammad Nawaz, a resident of 77/5-L village in Sahiwal strangled dead his sister Sameer Thursday night after she refused to return to her husband following a domestic quarrel. For more human rights stories, keep reading.
Rights Watch

Rights Watch | 27th January 2021

Bacha Khan University in Charsadda imposes strict dress code, directing female students and staff to wear abayas and barring them from wearing makeup, jewellery and trousers. Police arrest three and lodge case against seven for the murder of an abandoned newborn girl in a hospital in Dijkot. PTA blocks 452 out of 778 links containing content from banned blasphemous Netflix movie.