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Rights Watch | 9 Oct 2023

Federal Shariat Court Affirms Absolute Right to Khula for Women The Federal Shariat Court (FSC) has declared women's right to khula, granted by Islamic teachings,...

Rights Watch | 7 March 2023

Hindu Students Attacked During Holi Celebration at Punjab University; 15 Injured 15 Hindu students were injured in an alleged attack by IJT activists during a...

Rights Watch | 16 December 2022

Man gets 21-year jail term for torturing wife A sessions court handed down a 21-year imprisonment sentence to a man for torturing his wife and...

Federal Shariat Court allows petitions against transgender law sparking backlash from trans activists

Federal Shariat Court allows petitions claiming that the 2018 Transgender law is 'repugnant to Islamic injunctions' sparkling fierce response from activists who reject the misinterpretation.