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Women's character irrelevant in rape trials

Survivor’s character irrelevant in rape trial

Under the Anti-Rape Bill 2020, a woman's "character" will not be relevant while investigating rape. But is this something new that the bill introduces and how practical is it to ensure this?

Farogh Nasim’s Called Out For ‘Misogyny’ During SCP Case Hearing

Jun 14, 2020: Civil society including members of women’s rights platforms, cultural groups, youth activists, legal community, academicians, litterateurs, and other activists have expressed their outrage and have strongly ...
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QAZI FAEZ ISA CASE: Farogh Naseem resigns once more to represent government

LAHORE: For the second time in a year, the Federal Minister of Law and Justice, Barrister Farogh Naseem tendered his resignation on Monday, June 1 which was accepted by Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, Naseem has ...