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Female aid workers express outrage at Waziristan killings

February 26th, 2021; Bureau Report; PESHAWAR; Female aid workers say they face violence in homes and are killed when they go out for work as protests express outrage at the killings of their four colleagues in North Waziristan.

Tribesmen in Jandola hold protest to seek compensation

February 6th, 2021; Bureau Report; PESHAWAR; The Bettani tribesmen have held a protest camp at Jandola town of the district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to call for compensation of damages suffered in the Rah-i-Nijat military operation. Scores of affected tribesmen participated in the protest camp in Jandola on Thursday, calling upon the provincial government to pay compensation for shops and businesses destroyed in the military operation in 2009. “The government has compensated tribal affectees in Khyber Agency, Bajaur and other areas but those from the Bettani tribe in Jandola have been denied any payment,” an affected tribesmen tells Voicepk.net. An affected tribesman, Abdullah, said 700 shops were damaged during the military operation and the affected owners had not been paid any compensation.

شمالی وزیرستان: سیکورٹی فورسز کے ہاتھوں پی ٹی ایم کے کارکن کاگھر تباہ

بیورو رپورٹ; لاہور; شمالی وزیرستان میں پی ٹی ایم کے مقامی رہنما کے گھر کے سیکورٹی فورسز کے ہاتھوں انہدام اور ایک بچے کی ہلاکت کے خللاف پی ٹی ایم کا پہیہ جام ہڑتال کا اعلان

‘Operations have failed to rid Waziristan of terrorists’

December 7th, 2020; By Rehan Piracha; LAHORE; Terrorists are still killing residents in Waziristan despite a decade of security operations in the region, says MPA Mir Kalam Wazir from North Waziristan in a panel discussion with Voicepk.net.

Militancy rises again in Lower Dir

October 8th, 2020; By Kamran Ali; LOWER DIR; Lower Dir, which once was a hub of TTP is again witnessing a rise in militancy. A banned outfit posted banners in different parts of the city and warned the people against cooperating from the govt.

Students from Ex-Fata & Balochistan Decry Cuts to Education Aid

September 26th, 2020; By Hamid Riaz; LAHORE; Students have set-up a protest camp outside the Bahauddin Zakriya University to demand the restoration of their scholarships. Calling it 'a systemic campaign to limit the number of Baloch & Pashtun students coming to universities in Punjab'

Mohmand Militia Demolishes family’s house in for violating tribal law

September 16th, 2020; By Arshad Mohmand; Mohmand; Incidents of violence by militias in the tribal areas persist even after the merger of FATA. On the 6th of August, a militia sanctioned by a local Jirga destroyed Sabir’s house for violating tribal law. The administration claims incidents have decreased drastically.
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Students, lawmakers protest against unavailability of internet in Ex-Fata, GB

Jul 19, 2020: Students from Gilgit Baltistan and former-FATA took to the National Press Club to protest for the restoration of mobile internet data services in their areas. They demanded internet services so that they could attend online classes ...