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Report reveals challenges to human rights in Sindh

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) urges accountability & transparency in state institutions to address human rights challenges in Sindh. Rise in police encounters and crime, impacting marginalized communities. Women/girls face infrastructure hurdles. Education & healthcare gaps persist. Positive steps, but more needed.

Rights Watch | 10 October 2022

Sindh High Court takes notice of gang rape MITHI: Sindh High Court Chief Justice Ahmed Ali Shaikh has taken notice of a gang-rape of a...
Rights Watch

Rights Watch | 25th May 2021

Four men were killed while two others were injured in an armed clash between two groups of the Marfani tribe in Garhi Yasin, Shikarpur district, on Sunday, May 23. The incident was the result of a three-year-old 'honour' dispute. For more stories on human rights abuses, keep reading.

The Long Arm of the Law: Police Violence in 2020

The murders of Osama Satti in Islamabad, Sultan Nazeer in Karachi and Muhammad Waqas Ahmed in Faisalabad at the hands of law enforcement agencies point toward a system that is content with its history and unofficial policy of brutal police violence meted out to the very people it is meant to protect. Is justice even achievable for innocents caught in the crosshairs?