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Irfan Qadir Clarifies Decision-Making Process for Provincial Assembly Elections in Pakistan

SAPM on Legal Reforms, Irfan Qadir, clarifies that the decision to announce the provincial assembly election date falls under ECP, not the Governor. The ECP must follow the spirit of the constitution & ensure fair, transparent & impartial elections in line with democracy.

Twitter’s Response on Fawad Chaudhary’s Arrest

PTI senior leader Fawad Chaudhary got arrested on Wednesday morning from his residence in Lahore for “inciting violence against a constitutional institution."

SC verdict in Vawda case opens window for Nawaz’s comeback in electoral politics: lawyers

Senior Lawyers have read the Supreme Court’s decision in the Faisal Vawda case as a window of opportunity for Nawaz Sharif to reverse his longtime disqualification through SC and reenter in electoral politics.

PTI received funds from foreign individuals, firms: ECP

The ECP has ruled that PTI received prohibited funding from foreign individuals and companies while govt ministers hinted at initiating proceedings to declare PTI a foreign-aided political party
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Two years down the line: Is the public contented with the government?

Jul 25, 2020: Pakistan held its 11th general elections. Two hundred and seventy two (272) seats of the National Assembly and 593 seats of four provincial assemblies were up for grabs. Over 105 million people were eligible to cast their votes. Although ...