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Pakistan’s Cyber Harassment Crisis: DRF Report Reveals 2,695 New Cases in 2022

The Cyber Harassment Helpline Report 2022 by Digital Rights Foundation sheds light on the growing issue of online harassment in Pakistan. With 14,376 cases reported since 2016, the helpline is taking action. Recommendations for policymakers and LEAs are highlighted.

An internet blackout amidst Chaos

Pakistan in turmoil as protests against PTI Chairman Imran Khan's arrest lead to a clampdown on mobile internet and social media. Rights organizations condemn the move, calling it a violation of freedom of expression and access to information.
Mis/disinformation in Pakistan's media landscape

Mis/disinformation in Pakistan’s media landscape

What is fake news? Is the state worried about social media? How is media transforming to keep up an information influx? Join Ramsha Jahangir, Nighat Dad and Matiullah Jan, with host Usama Khilji, as they discuss disinformation trends and narrative-building in Pakistan.
Political will to curb gender-based crimes lacking

“Political will to curb gender-based crimes lacking”

In a roundtable discussion organized by the YGA, stakeholders presented remedies to existing lacunae in the criminal justice system, and urged authorities to take an active approach to ending gender-based crimes.

Rights Watch | 20th May 2022

Digital Rights Foundation Pakistan reported that it received a total of 11,681 complaints regarding cyber harassment in the past 5 years. Women comprised a majority of complainants at 68%.

Kashmir: Ban on internet in the age of communication

Aug. 06, 2020: One year has passed since the Indian state imposed a ban on internet access in Jammu and Kashmir. The ban on the internet was accompanied by a ban on mobile and telephone connections as well, though these ...