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Rights Watch

Rights Watch | 21st December 2020

Samundri Police are on the hunt for a suspect identified as Afzal for gunning down his sister, 35-year-old Zehra Taslim for honour on Sunday. For more stories on human rights abuses, keep reading.

‘Why did I send her back?’

October 2nd, 2020; By Ahmad Saeed; LAHORE; Shazia, a mother to six children, fights for her life with 90 percent burns as her weeping mother regrets the moment she sent her daughter back to her husband's house in Sialkot.
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Qilla Abdullah: Man kills wife for giving birth to baby girl

Jun 22, 2020: The woman was tortured to death by her husband for not giving birth to a son in subdivision Dobandi of District Qilla Abdullah. According to details, her in-laws were taking her body for burial when her family ...
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Domestic Abuse Forces Woman To Kill Herself

In a tragic incident on April 18, a 28-year old woman, Maryam killed herself by hanging herself from the ceiling of her room. She was a resident of Francisabad, a Christian dominated area of Gujranwala, and was a mother of four children ...