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Fighting Back from the Digital Fringes

"Each time someone used their phone, I felt as if they would be coming across my pictures. I would overthink these things and could not sleep properly." The story of Areej a survivor of digital violence whose pictures and videos were leaked by someone who she considered a close friend.

Gharidah Farooqi’s ongoing struggle against online harassment, abuse, and violence

This report is part of Voicepk.net’s series Against Gender-Based Digital Violence and was made through the support of the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (#CFLI). 

Digital Rights Watch | 5 December 2022

Teacher arrested for child pornography The Federal Investigation Agency Abbottabad’s cybercrime circle arrested a primary schoolteacher, identified as Mohsan Khan, for allegedly uploading child pornographic...

16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM: A Digital Murder – How Fake Pictures In An Okara...

The tragic story of how a woman’s pictures were deep-faked into sexually graphic images and made viral in her village leading to her suicide