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SUICIDAL SINDH: Why are so many from Scheduled Castes killing themselves?

BY XARI JALIL: The suicide rates in Sindh especially among the Scheduled Castes are at an alarmingly high rate. Our investigative report finds out the reasons why so many people in this community resort to killing themselves. The answers are grim.
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Unemployment Domestic Workers Now Forced To Beg

Prior to the lockdown, 40 year old widow Shabana was able to feed her family twice a day by working as a domestic worker. But when the pandemic descended upon the city, her employers closed their doors in her face, fearing ...
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Pakistan’s Mental Health Affliction

S* believes that she was seriously depressed when she was 9 years old when her grandmother, whom she was very close to, passed away. Her parents had assumed that her erratic behavior were part of her growing up, and her ...

“He Was So Depressed, He Killed Himself”

As it had been feared by many, the lockdown that had been imposed around the country in order to contain the spread of the deadly Coronavirus has ended up in worsening the economic woes of those who belong to the underprivileged segments of ...