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Pakistan’s Cyber Harassment Crisis: DRF Report Reveals 2,695 New Cases in 2022

The Cyber Harassment Helpline Report 2022 by Digital Rights Foundation sheds light on the growing issue of online harassment in Pakistan. With 14,376 cases reported since 2016, the helpline is taking action. Recommendations for policymakers and LEAs are highlighted.

‘Fighting Back from The Digital Fringes’

"Fighting Back from The Digital Fringes" uncovers the devastating impact of online harassment, cyberstalking, and other forms of digital abuse through the powerful stories of four women. Don't miss the opportunity to join the conversation and be a part of the change.

Rights Watch | 20th May 2022

Digital Rights Foundation Pakistan reported that it received a total of 11,681 complaints regarding cyber harassment in the past 5 years. Women comprised a majority of complainants at 68%.