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Rights Watch | 27th January 2022

A Faisalabad sessions court on Tuesday ordered the release of five suspects involved in the alleged torture and public stripping of four women in December last year after police removed section 354A, which carries the death penalty, from the frame of charges

WHO study findings on high COVID child mortality rate not in line with NCOC...

A usually high child mortality rate of 14 percent in children with COVID reported in a recent WHO-sponsored study based on 1100 infected children is not consistent with 0.19% fatality rate in infected children up to age of 18 years across the country as compiled by the NCOC
Dengue new hurdle for hospitals amid COVID-19

Dengue new hurdle for hospitals amid COVID

Although COVID-19 infections have just started to wane, dengue is on the rise with hospitals once again buckling under the pressure of increasing patient loads.

International Day for Peace 2021

Today, on September 21st the world celebrates the International Day for Peace.

South Asian activists & doctors call for regional response to COVID-19

Activists and doctors from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan joined the call for a regional effort to address COVID-19 challenges unique to South Asia.

Busting vaccine myths

Why are antibody test counts so low after getting vaccinated for COVID-19? Is it unsafe for pregnant women to get the jab? Is AstraZeneca's vaccine dangerous for younger people? Health experts have the answers...

Rights Watch | 29th April 2021

One Rubina, who had been gravely wounded after being stabbed by her husband Ejaz some days back , succumbed to her injuries while under treatment at a hospital on Wednesday. Her husband had assailed her following a minor altercation. For more human rights news, keep reading.

Lahore hospitals on the brink of oxygen shortage

April 25th, 2021; Asra Haque & Hamid Riaz; LAHORE; As critical cases increase, so does the healthcare sector's demand for oxygen cylinders. But suppliers are already diverting industrial supplies to hospitals and are warning of an India-like situation if the pandemic is not reined in.

REGEN-COV effective in reducing mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms

April 16th, 2021; By Asra Haque; LAHORE; One REGEN-COV clinical trial showed that the antibody cocktail provided 72% protection against symptomatic COVID19 infection in the first week and 93% by the second week
A vaccine shortfall on the horizon

Despite govt optimism, a vaccine shortfall is on the horizon

With just a few hundred-thousands of vaccines in supply remaining, the Federal Government is worryingly optimistic that it will receive an expected three million CanSinoBIO doses in time.