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Afghans stranded as Pak-Afghan border closes amid pandemic

Pak-Afghan border closed amid pandemic, stranding Afghans

CHAMAN: As the dead increase in numbers at the Pak-Afghan border in Balochistan, immigrants stranded on either side are demanding the governments of Pakistan...

کورونا کی دہشت میں اضافہ: حکومت کا غیر ضروری ٹیسٹس نہ کروانے کی اپیل

چین سے شروع ہونے والا کورونا وائرس اب دنیا کے ١٤٥ ممالک میں پھیل چکا ہے پاکستان میں اس وقت ١٣٦ افراد میں  کورونا وائرس...

Whose body, whose will?

This particular slogan came under the spotlight even more after well-known TV writer Khalilur Rehman Qamar openly swore at journalist and human rights defender Marvi Sirmid especially after she uttered the slogan during the program. As a response, Qamar went on to abuse and demean her physically. Qamar’s diatribe left many shocked and disgusted but many continued to side with him.

List of Recommendations and Myth Busters for Protection Against the New Coronavirus – By...

Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus Wash your hands frequently Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with...