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Two-day Conference by AGHS on Reporting SGBV: Role of Police

AGHS arranged a two-day roundtable of female PSP officers, lawmakers and lawyers under its Reporting SGBV campaign, targeting obstacles faced by CSOs reporting SGBV cases in the criminal justice system.

Voicepk.net impact: giving a voice to marginalized communities

Voicepk.net is a platform that aims to raise awareness about rights violations and give a voice to marginalized communities by bringing their concerns to the attention of the authorities and the national discourse. We take a look back to some of our stories from 2022 that have had an impact and helped victims get access to justice.

Silencing a People’s Assembly

“Everything is a risk in Pakistan: If you defend women, it's a risk. If you defend non-Muslims, it's a risk. If you discuss religion, it's a risk. But you can't really sit there like a vegetable in your own society. And I'm committed to that society... and I feel I need to turn around and speak as I should.”

Changes required in CrPC for special laws to work, say judges

Alarming numbers reveal that the conviction rate in GBV cases is only one to two percent. Participants at an AGHS conference discussed special laws on rape and gender-based violence

Civil liberties, judicial appointments and other matters: APC summons party leaders to capital

It was attended by senior leaders of the PPP, the PML-N, the JUI-F, JI, AWP, PK-MAP, the BNP, and PTM among others, as well as members of the judiciary and legal fraternity, reputed journalists and civil society activists.