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Rights Watch | 16 Sep 2023

Man Arrested for Murdering Nephew on Faith Healer's Advice in Toba Tek Singh A man has been apprehended by the Sandalbar police in Faisalabad for...

Floods threaten to wipe devastated Hanna Urak off the map

Surviving for the past year without government support or rehabilitation, Hanna Urak’s residents fear that another flood this year will completely wipe out the valley.

Civil society joins hands against climate change

Human rights and climate activists gathered at Frere Hall in Karachi on Sunday to voice their concerns and demands regarding climate change. Women, transgender people, fisherfolk and indigenous peoples came forward for the protection of the environment.

Rise in violence against women a consequence of climate change: study

According to a study, gender-based violence increases by 4.5% for every 1 °C increase in the annual mean temperature, indicating that the rise in violence against women is a direct result of climate change.
Highlights from Pakistan Economic Survey 2022-23

Robust efforts for sustainable development: Highlights from Pakistan Economic Survey 2022-23

Pakistan's Economic Survey 2022-23 highlights robust efforts for sustainable development, including a National Electric Vehicle Policy targeting 30% electric vehicles by 2030. Community-driven initiatives, collaboration with Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, and grants for climate resilience showcase Pakistan's commitment to a sustainable future.

Thousands stranded in flood-hit villages of Kacha areas in Rajanpur

Thousands of residents in villages in Kacha area of Rajanpur remained stranded amid floods while some of them are evacuating on their own on locally built boats which are at risk of collapse due to the overloading of belongings and people fleeing the flood-hit region.
Residents of kacha areas await government relief

Stranded kacha area inhabitants await government relief

Stranded inhabitants of Kacha areas along the borders of Rahim Yar Khan and Rajanpur districts await government relief as floodwater begins surrounding them.
31 out of 34 districts in Balochistan affected by floods

“31 out of 34 districts in Balochistan affected by floods”

PDMA Balochistan reports that 31 out of the province's 34 districts have been badly affected by monsoon-related disasters.

To combat climate change, youth is integral, experts

By Xari Jalil: Youth is the biggest stakeholder in climate action because of the intergenerational nature of climate challenges and deserves to be at the forefront of all planned policies and action.

Hundreds killed, thousands displaced in flood-hit Balochistan

The death toll from Balochistan floods and rains has reached a worrying 136, while at least 13,000 homes have been destroyed leaving thousands displaced and without shelter.