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Rights Watch | 20th March 2021

Police booked a case against a seminary teacher under section 372 (selling a minor for purposes for prostitution) and section 18 of the Motion Pictures Ordinance 1979 after coming across a video of the suspect raping a minor boy. For more news on human rights concerns, keep reading.

Civil society calls for more use of renewable energy

January 13th, 2021; By Rehan Piracha; LAHORE; The Haqooq Khalaq Movement calls upon the government to increase use of renewable energy in order to cut reliance on imported fuel as well as control the impact of climate change.

EIA still not submitted to Environment Dept despite court order

January 5th, 2021; By Hamid Riaz; LAHORE; LHC has directed the Ravi Urban Development Authority to halt construction of the Ravi Riverfront project until an Environment Impact Assessment report is submitted to the Environment Protection Agency Punjab.
Rights Watch

Rights Watch | 5th December 2020

Raja Masih, father of Arzoo Raja, withdraws plea from SHC for a review of the court's November 23 verdict in order to approach a family court for her custody. Arzoo, who was proven a minor, had twice refused to return to her parents, following which the court had directed she be sent to a shelter home rather than to her "husband".

Climate Change has pushed communities away from Indus Delta into cities

September 4th, 2020; By Shaukat Korai; KARACHI: Loss of livelihood in the IndusDelta owing to climate change has resulted in large scale migration, towards Karachi. Approx 8-10 lac people from the Delta have migrated so far An investigative report on the climate crisis fuelling Karachi's vows:

Smog – A human rights issue

Though air pollution is a year-round phenomenon, it is smog that Lahore is most concerned with – sometimes referred to as the city’s fifth season. Multiple theories about the causes as well as possible solutions of smog in Lahore have come forward throughout the years, but the Punjab Government has no other answer than trans-boundary pollution. Therefore it cannot be controlled. And therefore, it is not a concern of the Punjab Government.