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Schoolgirls faced constant harassment since two years

Jun 25, 2020: Incidents of sexual abuse and the harassment of girls, even those who are underage, seems to be a serious issue. In one of Karachi's areas, Essa Nagri, one such case also arose when a some gangsters supported by a political ...
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The laws that failed Zohra Shah

Jun 17, 2020: While a number of laws for children's rights regarding labour are present in Pakistan, there is still the huge question of implementation. Thousands of children are currently employed inside households and become 'invisible labourers' ...

7 Year Old Child Murdered After Sexual Assault

June 16, 2020: The evil of child sexual abuse hit a neighbourhood in in Gulshan e Hadeed Karachi once again after a seven year old child was sexually assaulted and killed brutally afterwards. Even a week after the incident, the people of ...

“They killed her over some birds”

Jun 14, 2020: Three year old Khadija Shah has yet to fully understand the fact that her older sister, Zohra Shah, is no longer coming home. Snuggling into her grandfather’s lap, a place of refuge, she often voices out her confidence that her ...
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Khairpur District Government Making Children Clean Its Filth

Instead of monitoring other sectors and eliminating the evil of child labor, the municipal committee in Sindh’s Khairpur district has hired children, from 10 to 15 years, for the purpose of cleaning sewers. But besides everything ...
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“How Can Anyone Be So Heartless?”

An Eighteen year old man Muhammad Siddique Bangali was arrested in Hyderabad for sexually assaulting and then burying alive an eight year old girl Rukhsar. The incident took place inside the Quaid park on the main Autobahn ...

Seven Year Old Boy Sexually Assaulted

A seven year old boy was sexually assaulted by his 18 year old neighbor in the Yadgar area of Bisham tehsil, Shangla district on Thursday, April 30, 2020. District Police Officer (DPO) Shangla, Malak Ijaz said that the police came to ...
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The Pandemic of Domestic Abuse

Although the concern behind the prevailing lockdown is to mitigate the spread of the potentially fatal coronavirus, restrictions on movement and forcing people to remain indoors has enabled a different kind of pandemic: domestic abuse ...
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In Conversation With Qaiser Afridi, Spokesperson UNHCR Pakistan

In an exclusive interview with Voicepk.net’s Asra Haque, Qaiser Afridi, Spokesperson of UNHCR in Pakistan explains how the UN Refugee Agency is protecting the rights of refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people during ...
Child Abuse

Destroyed by my father

Police recovered the body of the little girl, lying dead in the marshy farm land. A case was registered against the accused Mustafa of terrorism charges while the investigation remains ongoing.