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Day Against Death Penalty: Waiting to Die

To this day Hussain trembles when he thinks of the time, and the experiences he had still gives him nightmares. Like many others who are prisoners of the death row, Hussain himself believes that being alive there is a fate worse than death

Rights Watch | 5th September 2023

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Rights Watch | 31st March 2021

Police on Tuesday arrested a man for abducting and raping a twelve-year-old girl in his home in the jurisdiction of the Jand police station in Attock. A case was registered after a medical examination confirmed sexual assault. For more news on human rights abuses in Pakistan, keep reading.
4500 languishing on death row in Pakistan

4,500 languishing on death row in Pakistan

In Pakistan, over 45,00 inmates are on death row. But the apex court has upheld only 22% of death sentences. In 2015, two brothers Ghulam Sarwar and Ghulam Qadir were hanged to death by jail authorities, only to be found innocent by the SC a year later and exonerated.