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Rights Watch | 14 Oct 2023

179 Detained on Blasphemy Charges, 17 Sentenced, Senate Committee Inquires In Pakistan, 179 people are currently detained and facing blasphemy charges, with 17 already sentenced,...

Public Sensitization: Solution to Misuse of Blasphemy Laws

On Tuesday, the Senate Human Rights Committee met in Islamabad to tackle pressing issues surrounding the wrongful application of blasphemy laws.

Detained Christian Couple’s Children Await Justice Amid Blasphemy Charges

FIR for blasphemy filed against a Christian couple in Lahore. Controversy arose as conflicting accounts emerged with claims of police pressure. Meanwhile, the couple's distressed minor children suffering from rickets and other diseases await justice.

“He said ‘Labaik Ya Rasool Allah’ and shot me”

On Sunday, Pastor Eleazar Sidhu was shot at after refusing to recite Islamic verses as instructed by an unidentified man. An FIR for the case has been filed under Sections 34 and 324 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) in Faisalabad.

Jaranwala, Sargodha incidents a conspiracy to divert global attention off Manipur violence in India,...

IG Punjab Dr Usman Anwar has said that the Police investigation has revealed that the blasphemy cases in Jaranwala and Sargodha were a foreign conspiracy to divert the world’s attention from #Manipur violence.

Christian residences attacked, churches ransacked over blasphemy allegations in Jaranwala

Turmoil unfolds in Jaranwala, Pakistan as a mob attacks Christian homes & churches following blasphemy accusations against a young Christian man.

Civil Society Rallies Against killing of Blasphemy Accused in Turbat

Civil Society in Kech leads a silent rally demanding justice for Abdul Rauf Barkat who was shot dead on blasphemy accusation.

Mentally challenged person arrested by Gojra Police over Blasphemy Charges

Gojra police have arrested a mentally-challenged person in a case of alleged blasphemy. The accused's mental illness was confirmed by doctors at a public hospital, but the judge sent him to jail on a 14-day judicial remand.

57 accused of blasphemy from Jan to May; 4 killed

Alarming numbers in blasphemy cases in Pakistan. From Jan 1 to May 10, 2023: 57 alleged blasphemy cases & 4 extrajudicial killings reported. Punjab hit hardest with 28 cases, followed by Sindh (16), KP (8), & AJK (5). Blasphemy laws used for personal vendettas & minority persecution. Urgent appeal for action to protect human rights.

Rights Watch | 19 April 2023

Chinese National Denies Blasphemy Charge in Pakistan A Chinese man detained on blasphemy charges in Pakistan has denied making any comments that could have offended...