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A throwback to the slogans and posters of Aurat March

LAHORE: A week ago, on International Women's Day, thousands of women across Pakistan poured into the streets under the banner of Aurat March. Women,...

Whose body, whose will?

This particular slogan came under the spotlight even more after well-known TV writer Khalilur Rehman Qamar openly swore at journalist and human rights defender Marvi Sirmid especially after she uttered the slogan during the program. As a response, Qamar went on to abuse and demean her physically. Qamar’s diatribe left many shocked and disgusted but many continued to side with him.

Case Registered Against 12 for Disrupting Aurat March

The Islamabad Police in Kohsar has registered a case against 12 individuals for disrupting yesterday's Aurat Azaadi March – including Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Fazl) member...

Despite Threats, Women Marched for their Rights

Imagine being pelted with stones and bricks for merely asking for your fundamental rights. That is what happened to women in Pakistan’s capital city...

Attempt to Restrict Aurat March Thwarted

As the Aurat March approaches, a last petition at the Islamabad High Court is dismissed by the Chief Justice Representatives of a religious group filed...