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Media under Siege in Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan

Award-winning journalists Steven Butler, Hamid Mir, Daniel Bastard, and others discuss the increasing attacks against journalists and whether there is a siege against the media at the 4th Asma Jahangir Conference.

Suspicious FIRs lodged against journalist Imran Riaz

Journalist Imran Riaz has been charged with treason in the various FIRs lodged against him by ordinary citizens. However, as per section 196 of the CrPC, only the state has the power to lodge such cases.

Rights Watch | 16th April 2022

Khichiwala police arrested two young men and are conducting raids to apprehend three more suspects for abducting and gang-raping a 14-year-old girl on April 13.

Taliban assail journalists covering women’s rally in Kabul

At least three journalists were attacked by Taliban fighters for covering a women's protest in Kabul.
PFUJ condemns targeted killing of journalist Shahid Zehri

PFUJ condemns targeted killing of journalist

The PFUJ strongly condemned the targeted murder of Metro1 News correspondent Shahid Zehri in Balochistan's Hub. Zehri is the third journalist killed in Pakistan this year.

Rights Watch | 7th September 2021

Police have apprehended a suspect for raping a young girl and her brother, filming the assaults and using the videos to blackmail them into letting him further molest them for six years.

Journalists’ cases still unresolved as global media calls for ending impunity

A group of 107 Harvard-educated journalists express alarm at surge in attacks on journalists in Pakistan.