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Asma Jahangir group bags fifth consecutive win as Khushdil Khan elected PBC Vice Chair

January 22nd, 2021; By Ahmad Saeed; LAHORE; Khushdil Khan of Asma Jahangir group has been elected unopposed as Vice Chair of the Pakistan Bar Council, for a year-long term, capping the group’s fifth consecutive victory for the lawyer’s body top slot.

Elections meaningless if mandate not honoured: Latif Afridi

November 5th, 2020; By Ahmad Saeed; LAHORE; The newly-elected president of SCBA, Latif Afridi strongly hints to actively participate in PDM rallies to ensure the supremacy of law in the country. He says that the process of elections becomes a joke if the mandate is not honoured.

Asma Group’s Latif Afridi and Rana Shehzad elected President and Secretary of the SCBA...

November 2nd, 2020; By Asra Haque; LAHORE; With Latif Afridi elected SCBA President & Rana Shehzad it's Secretary, what are the Bar Association's plans in curtailing "creeping martial law" and it's expectations in resolving the matter of the appointment of judges