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LACK OF TOLERANCE? Ali Wazir’s never-ending slew of sedition cases 

On the International Day of Tolerance, Voicepk.net takes a look at the curious stream of sedition cases against Ali Wazir that have kept the MNA from South Waziristan behind bars for close to two years.

Senate panel approves law to bar MPs’ arrest after session summoned

The Standing Committee on Parliamentary Affairs has passed a bill to protect parliamentarians from arrests or detentions after a session of both houses is summoned.

Persecution of Shias: Stroke sectarian tensions in the country

September 10th, 2020; By Ahmad Saeed; LAHORE; Following the Ashura, a systematic hate campaign has been initiated against members of the Shia community with more than 40 blasphemy cases registered so far, with several dozen Shia Scholars already behind bars, fanning the flames of sectarianism.