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Seven years on, some APS survivors struggle to move past the trauma

“Our family’s happiness died with them,” says Tufail Tariq, who lost two brothers in the tragic APS attack. Seven years on, he and his younger brother Sohail are still too traumatized to continue with their studies

Extremist groups must be held accountable for violence: HRCP

Extremist groups should be held accountable for the killings of thousands of people before any negotiations can take place

APS parents stress on accountability as PM makes court appearance

What right does the Govt have to negotiate with the TTP when it is our children who were killed in APS?

APS ATTACK: 6 years on, parents still await justice

“They are gone and can't come back," says one of the parents. "But we will strive till the end of our days to see that they get justice." Most of the parents of the children martyred during APS massacre have not reached any closure even after the passage of six years. The only times where they have an opportunity for empathy, is when they all collect to remember their lost children. It is only them who can understand the depth of the grief that consumes them.