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Activists hold vigil on 9th anniversary of APS attack, demand justice

Dec 16, 2023 Staff Report ISLAMABAD Human rights defenders in Islamabad held a candlelight vigil as the nation observed the ninth anniversary of the Army Public School...

Seven years on, some APS survivors struggle to move past the trauma

“Our family’s happiness died with them,” says Tufail Tariq, who lost two brothers in the tragic APS attack. Seven years on, he and his younger brother Sohail are still too traumatized to continue with their studies

Extremist groups must be held accountable for violence: HRCP

Extremist groups should be held accountable for the killings of thousands of people before any negotiations can take place

Rights Watch | 6th November 2021

A four-member EU delegation to Pakistan called on the government to fulfill its human rights commitments under the GSP+ ahead of a review of the country's trade status.

Parents of APS martyrs ‘reject’ commission’s findings

September 29th, 2020; By Hamid Riaz & Haider Kaleem; LAHORE; Fazal Khan Advocate states "That he & several other parents are deeply unsatisfied with the report and that It seems as if the report was made somewhere else & the Judge merely rubber-stamped it"

‘My lost family’

On the day the world honors and remembers victims of terrorism, Voicepk.net speaks to a mother who lost her two young sons in the horror perpetrated by terrorists on the Army Public School in Peshawar. Pakistan has been fighting the war against terrorism for about two decades and has sacrificed many thousands of lives. But the attack on the school on December 16, 2014, shocked the nation to its core. It was a day when the lives of Falak Naz and her husband Tehseen changed forever.