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Could not implement anti-rape ordinance due to lack of resources: police tell LHC

The Punjab police in its report submitted to the LHC revealed that it could not implement anti rape ordinance due to lack of funds.

Ordinances meant to be passed as act of parliament instead get extension

April 17th, 2021; By Ahmad Saeed; LAHORE; The National assembly has extended the two anti-rape ordinances for a further period of 120 days. The opposition has criticised the govt for not tabling such important matters as a bill before parliament.

Panel discusses measures for implementation of anti-rape laws

March 27th, 2021; By Rehan Piracha; LAHORE; A broad government-appointed panel has held its first meeting in Islamabad to discuss measures for effective implementation of anti-rape legislation to improve dismal conviction rates in cases of sexual offences in the country.

Gaps in implementation of anti-rape ordinances: PTI Senator-elect

February 27th, 2021; By Rehan Piracha and Ahmed Saeed; LAHORE; Speaking as a panelist on Voicepk.net’s webinar, PTI Senator-elect Barrister Ali Zafar admitted that there were gaps in the implementation of anti-rape ordinances, adding the government is in process of tabling a bill in consultation with opposition legislators and civil society.