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“Key provisions under anti-rape law yet to be activated”

Service providers on Thursday attended a workshop organized by AGHS Legal Aid Cell regarding their role in providing support to rape survivors under the Anti-Rape Act 2021

Transgender children to be covered under anti-rape law: Senate panel chief

The Senate has recommended amendments in the Anti-Rape bill to cover offences of rape against women, children & trans children
Rights Watch

Rights Watch | September 2, 2021 

According to a new bill passed by the senate’s standing committee on law and justice rape cases will now be heard by special courts.

Opposition to support anti-rape legislation in Parliament: PML-N MNA

February 27th, 2021; Staff Reporter; LAHORE; Saying ordinances were against the spirit of parliamentary democracy in Voicepk.net’s webinar, PML-N MNA Mehnaz Akber Aziz pledges to work across party lines on anti-rape legislation