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Panel discusses measures for implementation of anti-rape laws

March 27th, 2021; By Rehan Piracha; LAHORE; A broad government-appointed panel has held its first meeting in Islamabad to discuss measures for effective implementation of anti-rape legislation to improve dismal conviction rates in cases of sexual offences in the country.

Anti-rape ordinance not included in Khuzdar boy’s rape and murder case

January 20th, 2021; By Asim Khan; QUETTA; Police claim that 6 y/o Ameer Hamza's autopsy did not confirm sexual assault; his family say that hours before he died, the boy had told them he was raped & set on fire.
Rights Watch

Rights Watch | 4th January 2021

A man gunned down his wife and her alleged lover in a village in Bannu; Dijkot police are on the hunt for two accused who had fled after they were discovered raping a nine-year-old boy; the FIA arrested a Karachi cleric for molesting a thirteen-year-old girl and blackmailing her family with sexually explicit images of the minor.