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HEC revokes Holi advisory after wave of criticism

HEC rescinds its advisory to HEIs on celebrating Holi in universities a day after widespread criticism against it on social media. Activists raise their voices against HEC’s moral policing and question their authority.

Progressive lawyers ‘say no to military courts’

The Progressive Democratic Lawyers Forum organized a conference today, denouncing military court trials of civilians and calling for free and fair elections.

LHC stops govt from arresting Ammar Ali Jan

December 1st, 2020; By Hamid Riaz; LAHORE; Today, CJ Lahore High Court called arrest orders issued against political activist Ammar Ali Jan by Deputy Commissioner Lahore 'unconstitutional' while hearing a petition filed by senior lawyers. Ammar termed the judgment a blow to the current regime & it's backers.

Arrest order against Ammar Jan sparks outrage

The arrest order against Dr Ammar Jan has sparked condemnation and fury across the board. Human rights defenders and students bodies have raised their voices against this act by the government and say the demonstration had been peaceful with no reason for any police crackdown or arrests.

Total disorder

Inside sources say that some of the students who were part of the march, particularly those who were leading it had been receiving mysterious phone calls days before the march itself. The unknown callers would threaten them and warned them of dire consequences if the march took place. 

Demystifying the Defense day: A candid conversation with critical Historians

September 6th, 2020; By Hamid Riaz; LAHORE: I am not saying that we should not remember the heroics of the 1965 war. But these heroics should not be used as distractions to shy away from starting a serious dialogue about the blunders made during that moment in our history.