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Ahmadi man killed; Ashrafi condemns killing but uses offensive term

A 45-year old Ahmadi man Maqsood Ahmad has been killed reportedly for professing his faith in Nankana Sahib

Madrassa student arrested for killing Ahmadi homeopath in Peshawar clinic

A teenage madrassa student has been arrested after shooting dead a homeopathic doctor from the minority Ahmadi community in his clinic in Bazid Khel locality of Peshawar, the fourth member of the minority community slain in targeted attacks in the city since July last year.

Another Ahmadi Man killed in Peshawar

October 6th,2020; By Kamran Ali; PESHAWAR; 56 y/o Dr. Naeem Uddin Khattak, an Ahmadi man, was gunned down by his colleague following a row on religious matters. He is the latest victim of extremism and targeted violence for his faith.