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Silenced by Tragedy: Her Mother’s Death Reflected In Her Eyes

On the dark night of October 3, tragedy struck when in the safety of her own home, Aasia Bibi was set ablaze by an unknown person. It is believed her 10 year old daughter witnessed the crime - a girl who has remained silent since that harrowing night.

Two-day Conference by AGHS on Reporting SGBV: Role of Police

AGHS arranged a two-day roundtable of female PSP officers, lawmakers and lawyers under its Reporting SGBV campaign, targeting obstacles faced by CSOs reporting SGBV cases in the criminal justice system.

‘Resources and overhauling the system required to address honour killings’

Experts agreed that an over-reliance on FIRs in trial proceedings and a lack of resources leading to poor investigations must be addressed amidst other factors in order to end impunity in honour killing cases.

AGHS conducts workshop for grassroots awareness of Anti-Rape Act

AGHS Legal Aid Cell held a two-day training session for over 50 service providers from Lahore. The workshop discussed Anti-Rape Act 2021 which extends its scope to men and transgender survivors of rape, as well as the application of the Act at the grass roots.

AGHS conducts workshop on population control and family planning

AGHS Legal Aid Cell on Friday conducted a workshop on population control and family planning as part of its paralegal program. The program is supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands.

AGHS holds capacity-building workshop on anti-rape laws for police officials

AGHS held a capacity-building workshop on anti-rape laws, which was attended by over 30 police officials, including GBV investigating officers. In over 15 training workshops, more than 300 officials including judges, prosecutors and police officers have been trained about anti-rape laws since January 2022.

AGHS Paralegal Programme: Facilitating access to justice

Parveen is the in-charge of a paralegal center that she runs out of her own home. For the past 3 decades, she has been educating women on their rights and facilitating access to justice with AGHS Legal Aid Cell.

Freed after 8 years: Woman finds justice through AGHS prison programme

After 8 years of languishing in jail under trumped up murder charges, Balqees Bibi – a beneficiary of AGHS’s jail visits programme – has finally attained freedom.

Gujranwala police fail to arrest man accused of poisoning his wife

Police in Gujranwala have failed to arrest an absconder whose wife accused him in a video of poisoning her. Kiran Shahzadi recorded the video from the hospital bed but died later.

Conviction rate in sexual crimes cases stands at 3.6% in 2022

According to data received by Voicepk, the conviction rate in cases of sexual abuse including rape remained at 3.6%. Out of 7988 cases, only 160 people were punished by the courts for committing sexual offences. The 65% of people who faced trial for sexual crimes got acquitted by the trial courts.