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“He said ‘Labaik Ya Rasool Allah’ and shot me”

On Sunday, Pastor Eleazar Sidhu was shot at after refusing to recite Islamic verses as instructed by an unidentified man. An FIR for the case has been filed under Sections 34 and 324 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) in Faisalabad.

Government Takes Drastic Action Against Theatres: Artists Say it is an...

The Minister of Information and Culture, Amir Mir, has initiated strong measures against 'lewd' performances in Gujranwala and Faisalabad. This move has sparked a debate, with some expressing concerns about freedom of expression and the adverse impact on the already faltering theatre industry.

Scripting the Unseen

The caretaker Punjab govt is reconsidering an archaic 146-year-old law to exert control over Punjab's theatre houses. Through its rigid criteria, the act is paving way for yet another layer of repression in performing arts.

Legal Fraternity Concerned about Terrorism Charges Against Mazari and Wazir

Concerns have beenraised by legal fraternity and others over Imaan Mazari and Ali Wazir’s arrest under Anti-Terrorism Charges. Mazari was arrested outside Adiala Jail on Monday, followed by a three-day physical remand under CTD.

Imaan Mazari in Custody Despite getting Bail

August 25, 2023 By Maryam Missal LAHORE Advocate Imaan Zainab Mazari-Hazir and Ali Wazir of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) were awarded bail by an anti-terrorism court...

No ATC Judge to Hear Imaan’s Bail Plea

August 25, 2023 By Maryam Missal LAHORE Human rights lawyer Imaan Mazari-Hazir's scheduled bail hearing today in an Islamabad Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) was delayed by another two...

Civil Society Rallies Against killing of Blasphemy Accused in Turbat

Civil Society in Kech leads a silent rally demanding justice for Abdul Rauf Barkat who was shot dead on blasphemy accusation.

A Wave of Attacks on Ahmadiyya Worship Places

On Wednesday, yet another assault was documented on a place of worship belonging to the Ahmadiyya community in Tehsil Burewala, District Vehari. The community claims that the attack was carried out by Punjab police.

Info Ministry rolls back controversial PEMRA Bill 2023

Info Ministry on Monday withdrew the PEMRA Bill 2023 amidst opposition from senators and journalists over proposed curtailment of the Chairman's authority and disputed media stakeholder consultations.

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کیا شہری ہوا بازی کے وفاقی وزیر غلام سرور خان نے پی آئی اے پر خود کش حملہ کیا؟

Jul 05. 2020: کپٹین خالد تنویر ہیں جنہوں نے اپنی زندگی کے 25 بہترین سال پی آئی اے میں بطور پائلٹ کے گزارے تھے مگر اب انکا نام بھی مشکوک یا جعلی لایسنس رکھنے والے پائلٹس کی لسٹ میں آ گیا ہے جو وفاقی وزیر شہری ہوا بازی غلام سرور خان نے قومی اسمبلی میں پیش کی تھی ...

PALPA terms list about dubious licenses as ‘fake’

Jul 05. 2020: Khalid Tanwir is a retired commercial airline pilot who has given 25 precious years of his life to the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA); he has the experience of thousands of flight hours. But on June 25, 2020, a bombshell ...

International Stories

Migrant Afghan musicians living without rhythm

After the Taliban imposed a countrywide ban on music, Afghan musicians went into self-imposed exile in Pakistan. With little opportunity to earn through their art, they live without rhythm in their struggle to survive.

Chitral Offensive: What happened and how?

The Afghan Taliban regime rejects Pakistan’s allegations of TTP militants using Afghan soil to launch an offensive in Chitral. Meanwhile, Afghan journalists allege that the Taliban administration may be supporting TTP activities in Pakistan.

‘Life is Meaningless Without Him’

BY XARI JALIL: Businessman Taj Muhammad Sarparah was abducted on July 19, 2020 from Karachi while on his way to the airport. Three years later, his wife Salia Marri continues to raise her voice for him while the fate of Pakistan's law on criminalizing enforced disappearances hangs in limbo.

Prominent Journalist Sami Ibrahim Missing Amidst Intensifying Crackdown on PTI

Concerns rise as senior journalist & TV anchorperson Sami Ibrahim goes missing amidst state crackdown on PTI. Islamabad police are investigating the situation, but no conclusions yet.