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Govt to hold talks with media over PECA Ordinance, IHC told

The government has decided to consult all stakeholders including media associations over the PECA Ordinance, the AG told IHC on Thursday.

Elahi to negotiate with media reps over PECA safeguards: Fawad

Punjab Assembly Speaker Pervaiz Elahi will hold negotiations with media representatives over proposing safeguards in PECA Ordinance, announced Fawad Chaudhary as more media associations mount a court challenge to the controversial law.

‘PM seems unaware of facts on PECA Ordinance’

Lawyers, journalists and civil society organisations have reacted strongly to Prime Minister Imran Khan's defence of the controversial cybercrime ordinance in his address to the nation, saying that it seems the premiere was unaware of all facts in this regard.

No hesitation in calling PECA Ordinance a draconian law: IHC CJ

The IHC on Thursday rejected a Govt proposal to establish an oversight panel to prevent arbitrary arrests under Section 20 of the Pakistan Electronic Crimes Act Amendment Ordinance saying it has no hesitation in calling it a draconian law.

EXPLAINER: PECA Amendment Ordinance an attempt to curb dissent or fake...

A presidential ordinance has increased the punishment of online defamation to five years while setting a six-month timeframe for concluding trials. The federal law minister claimed the amendments in cybercrime law were made to curb ‘fake news’ while the opposition, journalists and digital rights activists termed it an attempt to gag dissent.

Digital media freedom under threat due to regulatory pressures

The state of digital media freedoms in Pakistan remained vulnerable to regulatory pressures and threats

COP26: Climate emergency, journalism emergency!

As the UN's COP26 conference is set to begin in Glasgow, Scotland, journalists are putting forth appeals for the right to cover environmental issues

“Pakistan’s tech policy is archaic,” Khilji

93% of all inappropriate videos uploaded to Tik Tok are removed within seconds

Pakistan among 10 countries with least internet freedom: report

Pakistan is among top 10 countries with the most restrictions on internet freedom.

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کیا شہری ہوا بازی کے وفاقی وزیر غلام سرور خان نے پی آئی اے پر خود کش حملہ کیا؟

Jul 05. 2020: کپٹین خالد تنویر ہیں جنہوں نے اپنی زندگی کے 25 بہترین سال پی آئی اے میں بطور پائلٹ کے گزارے تھے مگر اب انکا نام بھی مشکوک یا جعلی لایسنس رکھنے والے پائلٹس کی لسٹ میں آ گیا ہے جو وفاقی وزیر شہری ہوا بازی غلام سرور خان نے قومی اسمبلی میں پیش کی تھی ...

PALPA terms list about dubious licenses as ‘fake’

Jul 05. 2020: Khalid Tanwir is a retired commercial airline pilot who has given 25 precious years of his life to the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA); he has the experience of thousands of flight hours. But on June 25, 2020, a bombshell ...

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Pakistan awaiting Indian nod for consular access to girl arrested there

The Foreign Office on Thursday said it is awaiting Indian response to a consular access request for Pakistani girl #IqraJeewani who was arrested there in Jan. Her father appealed to both governments to expedite her repatriation on compassionate grounds.

The Professor who prompted a series of resignations in universities across Afghanistan

Meet Obaidullah Wardak, a professor from Kabul University who prompted a series of resignations in universities across Afghanistan in solidarity with female students.

Taliban ban women from universities in Afghanistan

A letter by the Ministry of Higher Education instructed universities to immediately suspend access to female students on 20 December 2022. 

Parliamentarians clash over MNA Hina Rabbani Khar representing Pakistan in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan

Female parliamentarians across the board rallied in support of Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar after a disgruntled MNA criticized the government for sending a woman to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.