Speakers in Voicepk.net's web show on Workers' Rights: The Big U-Turn call on workers to chalk out a united plan of action against the new challenges of contract-based work and freelancing by reaching out online to counterparts in other countries.
Trade unionists, home-based workers and blue-collar workers on Sunday registered their strong protest against inflation, and called for a repeal of anti-poor policies under the IMF deal
By Beena Sarwar, Sheeba Aslam Fehmi & Priyanka Singh: “All our countries share a common history of struggle against global systems of exploitation - colonisation, racism. These power relations exist even today.”
Half a century on - 50 years after West Pakistan lost its eastern counterpart - those who had taken the painstaking journey all the way to present-day Pakistan, travelling in a state of starvation and poverty, and hoping for better times to come – are living today in a country that has not even declared them its own. They live hopeless lives, scarred by frustration. Whatever little they earn is not enough to feed their families.
Faisalabad’s sanitary workers have not been paid salaries for the last 2 months. With Christmas approaching many of the workers don’t have money to buy basic amnesties let alone celebrate.
Though the National Assembly has passed an amendment bill to widen the scope of workplace harassment in the federal territory, similar legislation in provinces remain stalled due to the respective governments' apathy, say women's rights activists
Workers who barely escaped with their lives are busy erecting a brick wall around the Lahore Benz Factory less than a day since the blast.
The PMC may in fact benefit smaller merchants & not minimum wage earners.
40% of women with graduate/undergraduate degrees are jobless: Research by PIDE
A group of employers have challenged Rs 25,000 minimum wage for unskilled workers in Sindh High Court