Karachi’s legal fraternity has expressed concerns regarding security arrangements at courts, especially with regards to women’s cases, in light of two gender-based killings since the start of 2023.

Rights Watch | 2 June 2023

8-Year-Old Afghan Girl Raped in Broad Daylight in Islamabad An 8-year-old Afghan girl was raped by a street criminal in broad daylight in Islamabad. Despite the presence of residents, the rapist managed to escape. The victim was taken to a...
IG Prisons Punjab Farooq Nazir categorically denies allegations of maltreatment of female prisoners belonging to PTI within jail premises. He says that the female section is under 24/7 surveillance through 60 CCTV cameras, and is out-of-bounds for all males.

Rights Watch | 1 June 2023

Man sentenced to life for killing boy A man has been given a life imprisonment sentence and fined Rs800,000 for the murder of a young boy in January 2021. The incident occurred in village Rasoolpura, under the jurisdiction of Ganda...

Rights Watch | 31 May 2023

Teenagers Brutally Murdered in 'Honour' Killing Two teenagers, a girl and a boy, were murdered in Manshera, as a result of so-called "honour" killings. The incident took place at the residence of Gul Shahzad, where the 15-year-old girl and boy were...
The family of a 13 y/o rape victim, who died in childbirth in a Peshawar hospital last weekend, did not report that she was sexually assaulted due to “honour”. The family has since fled their neighbourhood.

Rights Watch | 30 May 2023

Acid attack victim dies from burns A woman who was attacked with acid in Qabola, Sahiwal has passed away at Jinnah Hospital in Lahore after fighting for her life for 35 days. The incident occurred on April 25 when...
The family of a slain 7 y/o girl in Barakahu claim police are harassing them to withdraw rape charges from their complaint.

Rights Watch | 27 May 2023

Honor Killing Suspected: Woman Fatally Shot by In-Laws During Divorce Filing A woman named Tahmina Sangro was fatally shot in Larkana, reportedly by her brothers-in-law, at a Dokri court on Friday while she was in the process of filing for...
The International Commission of Jurists and Amnesty International shed light on the chilling reality of women's rights under the Taliban in Afghanistan. Their report reveals systematic human rights abuses against Afghan women and girls.