VoicePk.net reporters embedded themselves into congregations of lawyers gathered to vote in the District Bar Association elections to find out what side the ‘common’ lawyer takes in this clash between the bar and bench.
The JCP has made history by confirming the appointment of Justice Ayesha Malik as the first female judge in the Supreme Court despite stiff resistance by lawyers’ bodies.
The Punjab Child Welfare Protection Bureau has 200 children in its care whose parents have not been traced over many years.
During the 2nd session of cross Meesha Shafi is asked a series of questions about the nature of harassment incidents. She tells court that harassment cases mostly lack tangible evidence much to a predator’s convenience
Police have arrested three suspects in connection with the murder of two sisters, whose dead bodies were found inside of a plastic drum dumped in a sewer drain at Mamu Kanjan town in Faisalabad on November 29.
During her cross examination in a defamation case, Meesha Shafi told the court that her yearly income has been slashed significantly since she spoke out against Ali Zafar in 2018. The singer said that she tweeted to protect herself
Police officials in Gujranwala say they will receive autopsy reports of two dead sisters in two to three days. Both of them apparently committed suicide by swallowing poisonous pills after a domestic quarrel.
Half a century on - 50 years after West Pakistan lost its eastern counterpart - those who had taken the painstaking journey all the way to present-day Pakistan, travelling in a state of starvation and poverty, and hoping for better times to come – are living today in a country that has not even declared them its own. They live hopeless lives, scarred by frustration. Whatever little they earn is not enough to feed their families.
The section on cyber defamation under the cybercrime law is unconstitutional and in violation of fundamental rights, counsels for actor-singer Meesha Shafi argued before the Lahore High Court on Wednesday.
لاہور ہائی کورٹ نے وفاقی اور پنجاب کی صوبائی حکومت کو ہدایت کی ہے کہ وہ نکاح نامے کی شق تیرہ میں ترمیم کریں تاکہ دلہن کو ملنے والی حق مہر کی تمام تفصیلات درج ہو سکیں اور اس حوالے سے پیدا ہونے والے ابہام کو دور کیا جا سک