"Nothing is happening at Lal Masjid. Nothing ever happened at Lal Masjid". Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah responds to the reemergence of Taliban in Swat and Maulana Abdul Aziz in Lal Masjid
Slamming religious parties for opposing the transgender law, transgender activists have debunked myths propagated against the legislation that gave long-awaited fundamental rights to their community.
تحریر: احمد سعید; فیصل آباد; ایک ہفتے تک مبینہ طور پر جنسی زیادتی کا نشانہ بننے والی فیصل آباد کی دو کم عمر بہنیں پولیس کے عدم تعاون کے باوجود انصاف حاصل کر نے کے لئے پر عزم .

The Battle for Balochistan

Is the Pakistan Army ready for renewed negotiations with Baloch separatists? Rather than a military solution, is there a political solution to the crisis in Balochistan? These questions and more are the focus of Voicepk.net's special webshow on the Balochistan question.
Federal Minister for interior Rana Sanaullah has said that the judicial proceedings alone cannot provide a solution to the problem, instead, all stakeholders must sit together and admit mistakes on their part to resolve the issue.
By Rehan Piracha: Even seven days later there are no clues to her whereabouts, says the girl’s uncle while speaking to Voicepk.
An Australian-Pakistani woman, Sajida Tasneem, was reportedly axed to death by her father-in-law for insisting on going back to Australia for better education of her three children.
After facing severe backlash online, Lahore's Government College University (GCU) has removed the "caste column" on its admissions form.
The Senate passes an amendment bill that will ensure custody of male and female children up to age of seven and 16 years respectively to divorcee and widowed mothers.
Aug. 11, 2020: On the morning of Friday, August 7, Justice Chaudhry Abdul Aziz’s courtroom at the Rawalpindi Branch of the Lahore High Court, brimmed with curious spectators who had gathered to hear what would happen in the proceedings. It was the case of the “same-sex marriage”, and in the last few days it had received a lot of media coverage ...