Caretaker PM Kakar faces scrutiny in IHC over missing Baloch students’ case. Lawyer Mazari expresses disappointment over PM's response
By Xari Jalil: As a new case is slapped against Aurat March this year terming it indecent, the court's response is awaited. Meanwhile we look at the history of similar court cases against Aurat March, allegations made by society, not to mention the attitude given by an unfriendly government.
Despite transitioning from absolute monarchy to a democracy in 2008, Bhutan's democracy masks an ongoing struggle for freedom. It is estimated that around 50 to 100 Prisoners of Conscience (POCs) or political prisoners remain in jails -some of them incarcerated for nearly 43 years only because of their demand to end discriminatory laws and policies. In a recent discussion, SAHR called upon the international community and the king of Bhutan to look into the matter.
Aurat March endeavours to redefine the conventional identities of women, transgender, minority, and disabled persons living in patriarchal and capitalist systems by infusing them with new and empowering meanings.
In the past three months, some 200 Bara youth have been forcibly disappeared in late night raids. Experts say that the draconian Actions (in Aid of Civil Powers) Ordinance allows agencies to act without impunity in tribal regions.
An undertrial prisoner has moved the high court to declare the rejection of his application to an M. Phil program unconstitutional. Petitioner Tufail Zia claims that despite clearing the merit list, the university was unwilling to make alternative arrangements for those behind bars.
In a report highlighting significant gender-related protection issues faced by women farmers in Pakistan, the FAO has called for policy reforms, media attention, and civil society involvement for the empowerment of women farmers.
Akram Shinwari, an Afghan musician, came to Pakistan five years ago under completely different circumstances. He never could have imagined that he would suddenly become a refugee. He now dreams of being able to return to a homeland free of Taliban rule.
The Supreme Court of Pakistan's decision to grant bail to an Ahmadiyya community member ignited a social media storm. The verdict also sparked a debate on religious freedom and judicial interpretation.
Maryam embarks on a crucial and difficult new phase in Punjab’s politics. Can she infuse fresh perspectives, innovative visions, and progressive policies, and establish her distinct identity beyond being Nawaz Sharif's daughter?