February 20, 2024 By Xari Jalil LAHORE Judges are not equipped to make moral judgments, stated Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa in a verdict he issued earlier this week. In his statement, he added that judges lacked the authority to definitively rule...
Internet and social media disruptions deal a blow to online businesses and communication in Pakistan
Arrests during PTI protest against alleged election rigging spark outrage. Salman Akram Raja's detainment draws condemnation from civil society.
Enduring the burden of childbirth, women in remote Kohistan navigate the challenges of frequent pregnancies
'Not only are we susceptible to being attacked by the right-wing, but also the State of Pakistan, which can be seen as the local administration or the police, and the women are attacked,' says Dr Farzana Bari, women's rights activist.
The son of the missing MQM London leader, Nisar Panhwar, urges authorities to release his father and brother. Nisar Panhwar and his son Mohsin were allegedly abducted by unknown individuals on January 9, shortly after their nomination papers were accepted for election candidacy.
The recent decision by the PHC to ban media interviews with suspects in custody has sparked discussions among legal experts and human rights activists, raising questions about the balance between freedom of speech and the integrity of legal proceedings
PHC strongly urges the government to immediately cease any harassment directed towards transgender refugees. Amidst the perilous conditions in Afghanistan, 17 transgender individuals have sought sanctuary in Pakistan.
In a letter released on February 15, JAC stated that serious notice must be taken regarding the irregularities that occurred in the pre-poll and polling phases, and also during the counting processes.
PK-20 and PK-21 witnessed a shift in results as PTI emerged victorious while JI faced defeat following a recount