Afghans in one of D. I. Khan’s largest refugee camp face the harrowing reality of police harassment, threat of deportation, and the struggle for dignity as Pakistan intensifies its crackdown on illegal migrants.
NOVEMBER 18: Appointed by the generals, the puppet government, which lacks constitutional authority to conceive and implement such monumental decisions, claimed that it would improve Pakistan's precarious security and help its crumbling economy.

Rights Watch | 3 Nov 2023

Man Murders Two Nieces and Injures Son Over Mobile Phone in Jacobabad Man fatally shoots two nieces in the name of family honour, also injuring his son for giving them a mobile phone. This tragic incident occurred in Barkat Ali...
The Aurat March, a leading women's rights group in Pakistan, urgently appealed to Interim Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar and organized protests in four major Pakistani cities, strongly opposing the decision to forcibly expel Afghan refugees.
Pakistani authorities have barred Afghan migrants being repatriated via the border from taking their cattle and any other trade goods with them, depriving them of economic certainty back home.
At least 500 Afghans have been arrested by Karachi Police, 300 of whom are scheduled for deportation. Human rights lawyers say 70% of those arrested are legal migrants.

Refuge in art

When their worlds ended at the hands of the Taliban, Mahnaz and Aafia travelled to Pakistan where they found new life through art. Faced with deportation, they cannot bear to imagine parting with their paint brushes.

Rights Watch | 6 Nov 2023

Peshawar High Court Grants Bail in Honour Killing Case The Peshawar High Court has granted bail to a Swat resident suspected of being involved in an honor killing case. The suspect, Akhtar Ali, was granted bail by Justice Shahid Khan...

Rights Watch | 14 Nov 2023

IHC Seeks Comments on Removal of Judge and Child Labor Laws in Rizwana Torture Case The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has requested detailed comments from the Islamabad commissioner and court-appointed advisors regarding the removal of civil judge Asim Hafeez and...

Rights Watch | 30 Oct 2023

Four Suspected Robbers Shot Dead in an Encounter in Karachi Four individuals suspected of robbery were extrajudicially killed in Saudabad during an early morning encounter. This suggests that they were killed without a formal trial or due legal process. Alongside...