At least 500 Afghans have been arrested by Karachi Police, 300 of whom are scheduled for deportation. Human rights lawyers say 70% of those arrested are legal migrants.
"When we came from Afghanistan we thought the situation in Pakistan would be better. But we were met with a completely different situation instead."

Protest at Chaman border enters 17th day

The protest against the imposition of passport conditions at the Chaman-Span-Boldak crossing point has been ongoing for 17 days now. Meanwhile, the media has been prohibited from covering the protest or shedding light on the demands of the protestors.
Wednesday, October 25, 2023 By Xari Jalil LAHORE Tuesday evening's raid by the Islamabad police on the office of a think tank where a discussion program was to be held, has left the civil society angry and incensed, with many questioning the...
Two years post-Taliban rule in Afghanistan, migrant musician in Pakistan intensifies confront myriad challenges due to a lack of documentation. The call for a legal framework grows louder as these voices seek refuge, recognition, and a chance at a better future.
Zainab and Rahima’s sole source of income are the carpets they and their family weave by hand. Not only did they face starvation due to the Taliban’s ban on women participating in trade, as Hazara Shias, they are also in the crosshairs of ISIS back in Afghanistan. If deported, Pakistan will have signed off on their death warrants.
The CDA carried out operations targeting unlawful Afghan settlements in I-12/2 and Margalla Town Phase 2, on Thursday, resulting in the recovery of 250 kanals for planned sector development in Islamabad.
Afghan refugees in Pakistan face imminent deportation to a country under Taliban rule. Amid legal limbo and pending PoR card renewals, their future remains uncertain and fraught with danger.
Pakistan's decision to deport all illegal immigrants sparks global concern. While officials cite alignment with international practices, global entities and human rights organizations condemn the move, urging protection for Afghan refugees and advocating for voluntary, safe repatriation.
114 refugee musicians have petitioned the Peshawar High Court against the forced repatriation of Afghan nationals in light of the threats they face back at home.