“While both India and Pakistan periodically release large numbers of prisoners as gestures of goodwill there appears to be no streamlined process that ensures the rights of foreign prisoners are systematically upheld rather than on an ad hoc basis."
These arbitrary arrests of fishermen on both sides indicate the rise of a potential humanitarian crisis in the making — with more than 650 Indian fishermen currently in Pakistani jails and another 100+ Pakistani fishermen residing in Indian jails.
A cross-border peace group has urged the Indian and Pakistani govts to release this Ramzan and Eid some 750 fisherfolk prisoners languishing in jails on either side despite completing their sentences.
  By Rehan Piracha & Xari Jalil LAHORE Outdated and discriminatory bail laws from the Colonial era, and rampant neglect by the state authorities in Pakistan have not only resulted in overcrowding in Pakistani jails and prisons, but have also deprived prisoners...

Rights Watch | 25 March 2023

Funds Shortage Hinders Inmate Facilities at Adiala Jail Shortage of funds has hindered the provision of facilities to inmates at Adiala jail, causing problems with water, electricity, gas, and sanitation. During a visit by Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha, the Senior...

Rights Watch | 24 March 2023

Man kills his four-year-old daughter A man has been arrested by Thall police in Hangu district for the murder of his four-year-old daughter, after he was unable to convince his wife to return home.  The wife had reported her daughter missing...

Rights Watch | 14 March 2023

Punjab Launches Health Screening for 55,000 Prisoners Across 43 Jails to Combat Communicable Diseases Punjab begins health screening of prisoners for communicable diseases, with the aim to finish by March 17. The initiative will cover 55,000 prisoners across 43 jails...
The prison authorities in KP have declined to send appeals of five death-row prisoners convicted by military courts to the Supreme Court and their execution is likely to go ahead without them exercising their right of appeal, lawyer-activist Shabbir Hussain Gigyani has told Voicepk.net.