March 23rd, 2021; By Asra Haque; LAHORE; On Pakistan Day, Farooq Maududi narrates an alternate history of the origins of civil-military relations and the tragedy of Partition

The Baloch Battle Field

Nawab Akbar Bugti was never an 'anti-Pakistan' leader, but one who voted for Baluchistan’s accession to Pakistan in the Baloch Shahi Jirga held in 1947 at Quetta. But while he recognized himself as a Pakistani, he remained a staunch Baloch nationalist as well, often locking horns with the federal government over the discrimination that Balochistan faced. He demanded that the wealth generated from the natural resources of Baluchistan must be utilized for the uplifting of the Baloch people.
Jun 29, 2020: Pakistan Peoples Party Chair Bilawal Bhutto lambasted Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Freudian slip in which he referred to Osama bin Laden as a “martyr”. In a fiery speech, Bhutto drew attention to what he referred to ...
"Families of the forcibly disappeared feel a special kind of pain. When I look at the condition of my household I can't help but cry out, it is impossible for me to stay silent," says Sami Deen
Our reporter in Lahore, Haider Kaleem interviews the chairperson of Pakistan Peoples Party & Standing Committee on Human Rights (National Assembly)     Haider Kaleem: What role will the Pakistan Peoples Party play in blocking the new social media regulations? Bilawal Bhutto Zardari:...
After America and NATO allies announced that they will pull out their troops from Afghanistan, there was a notable increase in militant activity in Pakistan, especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the newly merged tribal districts. With the recent merger...
September 29th, 2020; By Hamid Riaz & Haider Kaleem; LAHORE; Fazal Khan Advocate states "That he & several other parents are deeply unsatisfied with the report and that It seems as if the report was made somewhere else & the Judge merely rubber-stamped it"

Rani Khan: From Dancer to Preacher

December 24th, 2020; By Ahmad Saeed; LAHORE; Meet Rani Khan, a transgender who gave up dancing and begging to become a reformer. She runs a seminary in Islamabad and claims that many in her community want to quit begging and dancing, but they have no other means to earn their livelihood
Senior Advocate Supreme Court Bar Association Abid Saqi speaks exclusively to’s Munizae Jahangir on how lawyers are being randomly arrested in relation to the Punjab Institute of Cardiology incident. He also mentioned that arrested lawyers have been tortured...
A ground breaking feature of the PSCA's Women Safety app is sending user coordinates in order to ensure an immediate police response.