PM said he knew nothing about his son’s disappearance case, mother of missing journalist Mudassar Naaru tells after her meeting with the PM on Dec 9.
"I will ask him, What’s the purpose of being a PM when you are helpless," says Rahat, mother of missing journalist Naaru
“It is against the constitution to deprive your own citizens of rights which you have awarded to foreign nationals accused of the same crime.”
Federal Minister Shireen Mazari on Thursday assured the IHC that PM Imran will meet family members of Mudassar Naaru, a journalist missing for the last 3 years.
For weeks Amina Masood Janjua had been planning to launch her book, ‘We Are Disappeared’ and screen a film with the same name

Silencing a People’s Assembly

“Everything is a risk in Pakistan: If you defend women, it's a risk. If you defend non-Muslims, it's a risk. If you discuss religion, it's a risk. But you can't really sit there like a vegetable in your own society. And I'm committed to that society... and I feel I need to turn around and speak as I should.”
False claim of enforced disappearance punishable by up to 5 years
A provincial consultation meeting called for the establishment of a joint platform against enforced disappearances in Pakistan.
The twentieth anniversary of the September 11 attacks is a moment both to remember the victims and to reassess the profoundly misguided aspects of the US government response.
A much-awaited bill on enforced disappearances has cleared another hurdle in the lower house of parliament