A resident of Bajaur Agency, missing for about six years, had been shot dead in a police encounter
As the protests against enforced disappearances grow louder and the world marks the International Day for Enforced Disappearances, in Pakistan, it may be the other way round.
Voicepk.net casts a spotlight on three tales of enforced disappearances, as narrated by mothers and daughters of victims in high profile cases.
“What is Azadi (freedom)?” asks #MudassirNaru's 3-yr-old son, Sachal
"Families of the forcibly disappeared feel a special kind of pain. When I look at the condition of my household I can't help but cry out, it is impossible for me to stay silent," says Sami Deen
Another Eid has passed away adding to the agony of Shrafat Bibi in Swat. Having searched frantically for her husband in the last fours years, she was finally informed last month that her husband is detained at an internment center.
The IHC directed the Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances to submit a report about Mudassar Naaru, missing since August 2018.
A UN panel has called upon Pakistan to raise the proposed max sentence from 10 yrs to 25 yrs, & max 40 yrs for the offence of enforced disappearance
A total of 1142 cases of enforced disappearances have been reported to the Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances (COIED) in the first six months of 2021
July 28th, 2021; By Hamid Riaz & Hassan Raza; LAHORE; Today marks the 3rd day since the 'abduction' of AWP Sindh activist Seengar Noonari. His wife told Voicepk that the (uniformed) abductors held her minor children at gunpoint before dragging Seengar away.