In Sheikhupura, Shia and Sunni communities jointly called on police to safeguard Ahmadiyya worship sites, resisting their destruction. On the other hand, an Ahmadiyya worship place on Karachi's Martin Road faced another attack on Thursday.
Another judicial inquiry will fail its purpose of justice if the investigation is not transparent, say Christian activists. The misuse of the blasphemy law must be punished, they say.
On Tuesday, the Senate Human Rights Committee met in Islamabad to tackle pressing issues surrounding the wrongful application of blasphemy laws.
FIR for blasphemy filed against a Christian couple in Lahore. Controversy arose as conflicting accounts emerged with claims of police pressure. Meanwhile, the couple's distressed minor children suffering from rickets and other diseases await justice.
After the Taliban imposed a countrywide ban on music, Afghan musicians went into self-imposed exile in Pakistan. With little opportunity to earn through their art, they live without rhythm in their struggle to survive.
On Sunday, Pastor Eleazar Sidhu was shot at after refusing to recite Islamic verses as instructed by an unidentified man. An FIR for the case has been filed under Sections 34 and 324 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) in Faisalabad.
The Lahore High Court, in an Order issued on Thursday, August 31, barred the authorities from changing the structure of the Ahmadiyya places of worship.
The situation in Gilgit Baltistan remains tense due to ongoing sectarian protests for the past 10 days. The situation escalated after registration of an FIR against a Shia cleric under blasphemy charges.
By Annam Lodhi: Excessive development around ancient sites from the Gandhara Civilization have worried visitors and cultural enthusiasts who believe the already neglected sites may be erased in this manner.
IG Punjab Dr Usman Anwar has said that the Police investigation has revealed that the blasphemy cases in Jaranwala and Sargodha were a foreign conspiracy to divert the world’s attention from #Manipur violence.