PHC strongly urges the government to immediately cease any harassment directed towards transgender refugees. Amidst the perilous conditions in Afghanistan, 17 transgender individuals have sought sanctuary in Pakistan.
LHC postpones the hearing of Junaid Hafeez’s case till May after a brief hearing today. Hafeez's father says his son is in high spirits in jail and optimistic to get justice from the courts.
Pakistan's blasphemy laws cast a dark shadow on religious minorities, fostering fear, discrimination, and violence. Recent amendments fuel concerns, as misuse and ambiguity persist, threatening justice and coexistence.
So far nearly 200,000 Afghan refugees have gone back to Afghanistan through Torkham, according to the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Among them, there are 1,000 people who were picked up by the police and sent back to their country.
Have you or someone you know been harassed or are being harassed at work? AGHS Legal Aid Cell wants you to know that you are protected by the law. Here's how you can file a complaint against workplace harassment.
Bilal Shah, husband of Tik-Tok star Hareem Shah, has been released from FIA custody after a five-day detention related to his wife's Twitter account. Legal experts express concern over the arrest procedures and potential legal action against those involved in his apprehension.
Sindh Assembly has unanimously passed an amendment bill to allow the Sindh Human Rights Commission to visit business premises to check any abuse of the rights of employees.
114 refugee musicians have petitioned the Peshawar High Court against the forced repatriation of Afghan nationals in light of the threats they face back at home.
April 26th,2021; By Rehan Piracha & Ahmed Saeed; LAHORE; In a majority verdict of 6 against 4, the Supreme Court on Monday accepted Justice Qazi Faez Isa's review petitions as Pakistan Bar Council calls for the resignation of federal law minister
A local court in Islamabad has given two-day remand of journalist Shahid Aslam to FIA. He was arrested for allegedly leaking the tax records of Gen. Bajwa to Fact Focus. However, Fact Focus has denied having any links with Aslam.