In a rare protest, police personnel in KP took to the streets across major cities to call for an independent probe into the Peshawar bombing.
تحریر: احمد سعید; لاہور; سپریم کورٹ نے آج اسلام آباد کچہری سے ملحقہ فٹبال گراؤنڈ میں قائم تمام غیر قانونی چمبرز اور عدالتوں کو دو ماہ میں گرانے اور گراؤنڈ کو اصل شکل میں بحال کرنے کا حکم دے دیا. عدالت نے ریمارکس دیے کے کسی صورت غیر قانونی اقدامات کو تحفظ نہی دے سکتے
Violent clash between Baloch and Pashtun students at Quaid-i-Azam University leaves several injured. The campus shut down indefinitely, and students asked to vacate hostels due to precarious law-and-order situation. Five students arrested, and a case has been registered against more than 400 students.
By Xari Jalil & Asim Ahmed Khan: Balochistan Minister Sardar Khetran was arrested late Wednesday night in connection with the triple murder case, while the female victim's post-mortem reveals she was a girl of 17-18 years with acid burns on her face and neck. She had also been sexually abused and shot thrice in the head.
Rukhsana Rind and Farooq Brohi had no idea what was in store for them that day.
Independent observer groups PILDAT and FAFEN on Monday said the session of the Punjab Assembly met the requirements for the election of the Punjab Chief Minister despite the grave disorder and violence on the floor on April 16.
Sindhi and Pashtun nationalist leaders have called upon both communities to maintain peace, and thwart plans to create division among them as ethnic tensions grip Sindh.
Human Rights Watch has called on Senate of Pakistan to urgently pass the custodial torture bill which will make security offcials accountable for committing offence of torture.
Members of the legal fraternity hailed the Supreme Court's decision as the final nail in the coffin for the "doctrine of necessity", and which washes away some past stains on the judiciary's reputation
Meesha's legal team has reacted to the reporting by FIA that she was held ‘guilty’ saying it is for the court to decide whether she is guilty or not.