BY XARI JALIL: The return of Karachi University students Doda Elahi and Gamshad Baloch on Tuesday, June 14, has spread a wave of relief across the protesting Baloch community.
The family of a girl, who was reported to have died in a fire incident in Sukkur last Sunday, fear she may have been abducted by the arsonists as her body was never found
Protesters on Tuesday rallied outside the Karachi Press Club, calling for the arrest of the remaining suspects in Jazlan Faisal's murder.
The clock starts ticking for President Arif Alvi’s assent to amendment bills relating to the Election Act and NAB as government rushes their passage in Senate amid an uproar from PTI opposition benches.
By Xari Jalil: Was the Masjid-e-Nabwi incident an orchestrated event? This is what several people had asked at the time. Now it is being questioned whether the cases registered against the PTI leaders are the result of hurt religious sentiments or an organized campaign against the former ruling party. Govt announced that former PM may also be arrested with regard to this case.
By Malik Siraj Akbar: In a nutshell, the Pakistani State is pushing the Baluch youth to extreme levels, and so are the Baluch insurgents. There is an immediate need to defeat these two extreme positions to save the young Baluch. 
By Rehan Piracha: scores of people including women were arrested by the Jamshoro police and slapped with Sedition and terrorism charges. Writer Taj Joyo and his family were some of them.
In addition to the lack of emergency response to the Dadu fire incident, the theft of relief supplies by police personnel indicates not only criminal negligence but also apathy for the villagers who survived the fire
Independent observer groups PILDAT and FAFEN on Monday said the session of the Punjab Assembly met the requirements for the election of the Punjab Chief Minister despite the grave disorder and violence on the floor on April 16.
At least eight more people have been reportedly injured after FC personnel resorted to aerial firing to disperse a protest against the killing of a truck driver in Chaghai