Undeterred by recent malicious trolling, senior anchor person Gharidah Farooqi said the online attacks are part of a coordinated, organised and malicious campaign to silence and intimidate journalists critical of the government.

Torkham to Kabul – Part 3

I met many people during my stay. And while it was important for me to get some bearing on the opinions and sentiments of working women, I began considering the views of stay-at-home women. It turned out to be an eye-opening venture...

Torkham to Kabul Part 2

Some men had barged into homes & had ‘dishonoured’ the women who lived there
“The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has created a situation where Pakistan is being held accountable for the actions of the Taliban,”
Today, on September 21st the world celebrates the International Day for Peace.
Pakistan has expressed disappointment at the ‘unwarranted and negative references to Pakistan’ in a EU resolution that calls for a review of the GSP Plus status if Islamabad fails to persuade Taliban govt in Kabul to ensure peace and stability in the war-torn country.
Pakistan will move from the red list countries to the less stringent amber list under the United Kingdom’s COVID travel rules from September 22.
Members, officials & families of the Afghanistan National Girls’ Junior Football reached Pakistan on special 30-day visas
The twentieth anniversary of the September 11 attacks is a moment both to remember the victims and to reassess the profoundly misguided aspects of the US government response.
Pakistan’s embassy in Cairo will appeal against the death penalty handed to 7 Pakistani nationals convicted in a drug trafficking case