November 15, 2023: Olus Yar Khan Achakzai, the spokesperson of the protest says that the government has already announced that the refugees must leave by November, but that the refugees must be treated under international law and convention.
Activists, students and traders on Tuesday rallied against Israeli bombardment of Gaza, calling on the international community to impose an immediate ceasefire and put an end to the unfolding humanitarian crisis.
Forcibly returning Afghan journalists who have fled to Pakistan would be a flagrant violation of international law and completely unacceptable, warns international organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and urges Pakistan to provide protection to them.
Pakistani authorities have barred Afghan migrants being repatriated via the border from taking their cattle and any other trade goods with them, depriving them of economic certainty back home.
Lahore's civil society united at Liberty Chowk on Thursday, to demand political aid for Palestine. Hakooq-e-Khalq Party, Joint Action Committee and others condemned the Al-Ahle Gaza hospital attack, urging global action against Israeli oppression.